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Example: If a song has a strong beat, it makes you want to tap your feet. 1 An e________ is an extra piece performed .... an email to your friend tell...

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articulation of sounds make the message clear and comprehensible. (5 marks). PRONUNCIATION. 7 1 leather. 2 bilingual. 3 choke. 4 hooded. 5 linen. 6 heart.

tones; listening to this music without other distractions. (not while .... A Hip-hop music is great fun. B I listen to ... hurricane in her hometown in 2005/ 2008/ 2011.

9 If you ______ (have) stomach ache on and off for a month, you should see a doctor. 10 When I arrived at work I realized I ______ (leave) my briefcase on the ...

8 I was a war ______ when I was young, but I cover economics ... in the shop. 5 I try to avoid .... 3 Do / you / prefer / shopping online / or / visit / shops? Why?

... I'd find it too stressful. 5 A I don't think Sam wants to come on holiday with ... doubled that number. According to the .... serious/ friendly/ clever. 3 Graeme thinks ...

3 Complete the sentences with the present perfect simple or continuous form of the verbs in brackets. Example: Have you ever had(you / ever / have) an operation? 1 How long ______ (you / learn) to play the piano? 2 I ______ (know) Judith since we met

These days, Mr Vroom stays on the ground, working as a teacher and giving lectures in his house in the city of Dallas in the United States. A He told friends it was cheaper than paying for a local babysitter. B Even more amazingly, he did this withou

CLASS. ENGLISH FILE. Upper-intermediate. 10 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A. 6 ______ Lake Windermere, in the Lake District, is the largest lake in England. 7 At nearly 7,000 metres, Aconcagua is the highest mountain in ______ Andes. 8 Shake

4 My boss has refused _____ me have the day off for my birthday. A letting □ B to let □ C let ... 11 I often listen to football on Radio 7 – I really like their _____.

6 Jason won't mind you using his computer – he's very l________-back. 7 Why did ... 1 do / to / how / for / guests / need / cook / we / many / ? 2 to / aren't / you ...