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____ 17. Data communications, a specialized subset of telecommunications, refers to the electronic transmission and ... ____ 18. A telecommunications ...

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Microwave signals are used for high-speed, high-capacity communication links and satellite communications. ____ 3. A faster ... including software, business systems, and data storage, for business and personal use. a. Cloud c. Ocean b. ... This first

____ 24. ____ can be defined as the transmission of a signal from a sender to a receiver by way of a medium such as wires or radio waves. a. Transmissions c. Submissions b. Communications d. Bandwidth. ____ 25. One characteristic of communications is

Class: ... ____ 4. At least one of the files associated with a program is an executable program file with an .exe extension. ____ 5. Interpreted programs .... b. Internet Explorer d. Adobe Acrobat. ____ 41. Personal computer users are accustomed to d

____ 7. Objects in a vector graphics image can be layered and grouped into larger objects. ____ 8. When creating 3D digital art, the artist starts by defining a light source. ____ 9. Pixar, the company ... The Nintendo Playstation broke new ground fo

“Smart machines” is a branch of AI that empowers computers to control mechanical devices to perform tasks that require a .... an online dating service's list of compatible partners or an investment firm's supercomputer system for ... Products usu

____ 4. Similar to traditional phones, cell phones allow you to hear the volume of your own voice on the line. ____ 5. The economic digital divide in the United ... Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ... So

____ 4. Digitized information is valueless without the ability to process it into useful forms. ____ 5. Any object having at least one distinct state can be used as a digital switch. ____ 6. When electricity is flowing ... Identify the choice that be

Web d. Internet. ____ 35. Because people are more comfortable dealing with names than numbers, IP addresses are assigned associated. English names called ____ names. a. domain c. URL b. index d. top-level. Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions. Case

IP addresses can be static, which means they are assigned to computers as needed. ____ 5. The software associated with the Internet is referred to as the physical layer. ____ 6. The final portion of the domain name, .com, .edu, and so on, is called t

____ 25. Windows users make use of a program named Documents to manage their files, while Mac users use Dock. ... c. cloud portal b. public domain d. cloud domain. ____ 36. Open-source software is distributed, typically for free, with the source code