La familia

__Distinguishes between él/el and tú/tu. F. Communicate using unit vocabulary (Oral/Written). Family vocabulary. ___ Spells the family members correct...

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La familia. Name: ▻ Instructions: Write the correct Spanish words underneath each family member.

Or, if you have a USB flash drive, you can bring all pictures in on this to upload to the computer. The first picture should include everyone. You may then choose ...

¡En español! Level 1. CUADERNO Más práctica. Unidad. 1. Etapa. 3. CUAD. ER. N. O. Más práctica. Copyright © McDougal Littell Inc. A ll rights reserved. VOCABULARIO. La familia. Mark each sentence C for cierto (true) or F for falso (false). Cor

"DO" Verbs [Du] (Los verbos "hacer"). The verb "do" is one of the most common verbs in English. It can be used as an auxiliary and a main verb. (El verbo "hacer" es uno de los verbos más comunes en Inglés. Se puede utilizar como un auxiliar y un ve

Identify in Spanish the members of a family on a family tree. Describe the family members. Interpersonal Mode. Describe the family to an exchange student.

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ORACIÓN SUBORDINADA SUSTANTIVA DE C.I.. P Principal. P Subordinada. (Nosotros) dimos el paquete al que estaba en la puerta. V D N Cont Nx- Pr V.

El Libro de Mi Familia. Each student will create a book (in Spanish) about their family. This can be your real family or a fictional family. The book will contain ...

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