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Another Solution. List the factors of 136 in a column, in ascending order. Beside this column, list the factors in descending order. Multiply the numb...

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3. Part 3. Create a summary of your work. Show all your calculations. Explain your thinking. Take It Further. ➤ Draw an obtuse triangle on grid paper. Predict its area. ➤ How did you use ..... We can calculate the length of any line segment on a

rentice Hall. All rights reserved. Write in ... Monty completed 18 passes in 30 attempts. What fraction of his passes did Monty complete? Write in simplest form. 26.

A car rental company charges a flat rate of $54.00 just for renting a car, plus $22.00 for each day that the car is rented. Jeff rents a car and pays $230.00. For how ...

DATA ANALYSIS. • Select tools to solve a familiar and moderately scaffolded problem and apply them with partial accuracy. • Use the necessary elements given in a problem situation to solve a problem. • Apply mathematics to propose solutions by

Fibre / Fibres 7 g. 25%. 25% ... Compare your answers with those of another pair of classmates. What are the ... immediate comparison of responses. • The graph ..... 12. Use newspapers, magazines, or the. Internet. Find a graph that creates a.

compass, protractor. Using the data from the Bull's Eye Chart BLM, have the students determine the percent of 10 point, 5 point, 2 point and 1 point answers they ...... ...... have completed

Find the cube of one-digit numbers and the cube root of perfect cubes (less than 1,000). • Use appropriate tools ... Construct a table to represent a linear relationship between two quantities. • Qualitatively describe a ... Solve simple quadrati

We could draw a circle graph or a bar graph. Which one do you think would be better?” “I don't know. I just want to know my chances of winning this game on the ..... 394. UNIT 7: Data Analysis and Probability. Work on your own. What data do the t

degrees in the interior angles of a polygon in 3 - 8 sided figures (formu- ... (3-8 sided polygons, formula provid- ed on the reference sheet). M8. ... Theorem. Reference: 2.10.8.A. M8.C.1.2.1. Use the Pythagorean Theorem to find the measure of a mis

Example: (-4) + (+9). ***Do Adding Integers Worksheet***. Subtracting Integers. • Just like adding integers, there are two different methods we will be covering to ...