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Another Solution. List the factors of 136 in a column, in ascending order. Beside this column, list the factors in descending order. Multiply the numb...

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3. Part 3. Create a summary of your work. Show all your calculations. Explain your thinking. Take It Further. ➤ Draw an obtuse triangle on grid paper. Predict its area. ➤ How did you use ..... We can calculate the length of any line segment on a

A car rental company charges a flat rate of $54.00 just for renting a car, plus $22.00 for each day that the car is rented. Jeff rents a car and pays $230.00. For how ...

rentice Hall. All rights reserved. Write in ... Monty completed 18 passes in 30 attempts. What fraction of his passes did Monty complete? Write in simplest form. 26.

Find the cube of one-digit numbers and the cube root of perfect cubes (less than 1,000). • Use appropriate tools ... Construct a table to represent a linear relationship between two quantities. • Qualitatively describe a ... Solve simple quadrati

Fibre / Fibres 7 g. 25%. 25% ... Compare your answers with those of another pair of classmates. What are the ... immediate comparison of responses. • The graph ..... 12. Use newspapers, magazines, or the. Internet. Find a graph that creates a.

compass, protractor. Using the data from the Bull's Eye Chart BLM, have the students determine the percent of 10 point, 5 point, 2 point and 1 point answers they ...... ...... have completed

We could draw a circle graph or a bar graph. Which one do you think would be better?” “I don't know. I just want to know my chances of winning this game on the ..... 394. UNIT 7: Data Analysis and Probability. Work on your own. What data do the t

DATA ANALYSIS. • Select tools to solve a familiar and moderately scaffolded problem and apply them with partial accuracy. • Use the necessary elements given in a problem situation to solve a problem. • Apply mathematics to propose solutions by

Volume prism. V = Bh cylinder. V = Bh pyramid. V = Bh cone. V = Bh sphere. V = πr 3. 22. 7. Pi π π ≈ 3.14 or π ≈. Pythagorean Theorem a 2 + b 2 = c 2.Missing:

Example: (-4) + (+9). ***Do Adding Integers Worksheet***. Subtracting Integers. • Just like adding integers, there are two different methods we will be covering to ...